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I want to attend Cloud City

When is the event going to be held?
Saturday, September 7th, 2019. 

Where is the event going to be held?
400 W. Rich Street Columbus, Ohio, USA

Where type of venue is it?
It is an indoor/outdoor event venue, which also happens to be home to many local artist studios. We love our partners at 400 W Rich for their support of local creatives like us.

What is the timeframe for the event?
2:00pm to midnight.

When will tickets go on sale?
They're on sale now on Eventbrite.

How much will tickets cost?

Is the event 18+?

Will there be food/drinks?

Yes, for purchase. We will have food trucks and alcoholic beverages for sale. Bring a water bottle, because we have free water fill stations :)

What will I find at Cloud City?
All of this and more. See our basic info and event site map on the "event info" page.

  • Music

  • Fashion

  • Film

  • Skating

  • Dance

  • Gaming

  • Podcasting

  • Mindfulness

  • Virtual Reality

  • Comedy

Will I fit in/be comfortable at the event?
It is our explicit goal to create an event that brings together diverse groups under a common set of values, which include love, freedom, and self-expression. From musicians, to skaters, to nerds, to punks, we should all feel at home in Cloud City.

Is the event accessible?

The venue is 95% 1st floor/no stairs and there is an accessible restroom. We are working on having ASL for some performances. We strive to be as inclusive as possible. Have a specific accessibility-related need? Please email us ahead of time and let us know!

Who is behind Cloud City?

Cloud City is not a top down festival, but rather a community-driven ground up experience. The team includes many local artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs and continues to grow on a weekly basis. We will always be transparent about who is involved - in fact, we will be doing tons of promo of the artists and organizations we do business with. Plus, our social media accounts boast photos and descriptions of our people. See our "partners" tab for more info.

I want to be on the Cloud City team

I know how I want to be involved, how can I make it happen?

Please fill out this volunteer form!

I just want to contribute stuff.
Please fill out this this donation form!

I just want to give money.
Your donation will be put to good use so we can pay more local artists and feature more dope stuff. Visit our "support" tab for the donation link and more info about our nonprofit status.

I’m a sponsor

How can I sponsor Cloud City?
We work with local individuals and businesses who align with our values to create a custom sponsor collaboration. You are welcome to check out our list of needs and list of opportunities and our brand deck, but otherwise, contact us and we will set up a time to explore the possibilities.

Err… I think I know someone who may want to sponsor Cloud City? 
Send them that paragraph of text^

I’m a vendor

How can I get my brand into Cloud City?
Limited opportunities available. Email

How can I perform at Cloud City?

There will be tons of opportunities for performers to be part of Cloud City for musicians, dancers, models, actors, speakers, comedians, poets, and more. Contact us if you’re interested and wait to hear back.

How can I help build Cloud City?
We have tons of opportunities for artists to help build this City. There are opportunities for artists to paint video game cabinets, tents, and other structures. There is also tons of room for artists to propose their own installation or art feature in Cloud City. Email us if you’re interested in building together

I’m an entrepreneur

How can I participate in Cloud City?
There will likely be a civic engagement aspect to Cloud City, so if you’re running voter registration or other campaigns, let us know!

Is Cloud City trying to do too much?
Yeah. That’s the point. Traditional and commercial art festivals don’t do enough and we are doing a lot so can push artist platforms to evolve, with the ultimate goal of changing our city into a place that supports all creatives and their beautiful and noble pursuits. We know we can accomplish a lot with a grassroots, relational approach. Top-down festivals can only do so much, but ground-up events like ours hold many possibilities, as our organizers make space for people doing rad shit to dream up, curate, and manage components of the event. It takes a city to build a city. Most cities of today, like Columbus, are built by the few, but cities of tomorrow, like Cloud City, are being built by the people. If you’re concerned we’re doing too much, kindly voice your concern to yourself OR hit us up to offer help. The people who are crazy enough to think they can pull of epic things are the only ones who ever do. Let’s build epic things together.



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